Barpark Village of Gorkha

Barpark, a village inhabited by Gurungs, Ghales, Sunar and other nepalese ethnic groups that lies in the northern part of Gorkha District. Barpak lies at a distance of 45km towards north from Gorkha at the elevation of 1900m from the sea level. Basically it is known as the village of Ghales even though there lives a number of other ethnic group.

Barpak Village of Gorkha

Aanboo Khaireni, a Rural Municipality in Tanahu District which is also a neighbouring district of Gorkha District from where we started our journey to Barpak. We were a total of six people along with our travel bagpack. Travellers can get vehicle facility to reach Barpak village. You can get a direct bus to Barpak which leaves from Kathmandu. Unfortunately, we missed the direct bus that day so we took a local Bus up to 12Kilo. 12Kilo (Baharakilo) is the main entrance for Barpak.

Fortunately, we caught the bus top Barpak. Since we arrived late so there were no seats available. So we decided to continue our travelling by standing on the bus. But our journey was not so easy, after travelling 20 minutes the bus stopped at the place called “Chepetar” for maintenance. It took more than an hour to repair the bus. Finally, our journey continued. Travelling through the bus was not much fun as we expected. First, we missed our bus, then we have to travel standing on the bus and waiting more than an hour is such a boring. Anyways these things added as experience in our life. The journey to Barpak is completely offroad since the road is not pitched.

Finally, after a long struggle of standing in the bus, we reached our first destination BARPAK. The moment when we reached Barpak we felt we were literally in heaven and the most awesome experience was can you guess what? The view of sunset which was a mind-blowing scene. I haven’t seen such a beautiful scene before. Really nature is amazing. This is the moment that I cannot forget in my entire lifetime. And I suggest everyone take time from your busy schedule and visit Barpak once. Then everyone was busy taking pictures. After all the activities we had our lunch. We were very much tired and need to take rest so that we can head to our next destination “LAPRAK” comfortably so we decided to stay at “Kanchhi Didi Ko Hotel“. The hotel was at the top compared to other hotels there, so we had a great night view of Barpak. After that amazing night view, we took our dinner and took a rest.

Faces of Laprak

Next morning, we headed towards our next destination Laprak after our morning breakfast. Travellers can get a vehicle to Laprak but we decided to continue our remaining journey through walking. After a 3 to 4 hour of walk, we reached a peak called “Mamche” where we took rest for a while. Again our journey continued. After 3 hours we reached our final destination Laprak. At that night we had some firework for night photography. After all our activities at Laprak, we returned to Mamche. There we spent our night that day. Luckily we were able to view the sunrise scene early in the morning from Mamche. It was just wow. We experience another beautiful moment. We had our breakfast at mamche and then we left for our home.

Hotel Mamche Barpak
Hotel Mamche in Mamche, In between Barpak and Laprak

Now, our journey home begins. We returned back to Barpak after a continuous walk of 2 hours. But we missed the bus this time also. The last bus from barkpark had left to Kathmandu at sharp 8 am. We were late only by a few minutes. Now the real journey begins here. The only option we had left is walk to 12Kilo so that we can catch the local bus to Aanboo Khaireni. We have to reach our home anyway because the next day was a festival “Maghe Sankranti”. We all were worried because we have to reach home anyway on that day.

Maghe Sankranti also known as Maghi or Makar Sankranti is a festival celebrated by Nepali on the first day of Magh. It is celebrated as the beginning of the auspicious month of Magh.This festival is especially celebrated among the Magar community. For further details on Maghe Sankranti, you can visit the link here.

After a continuous walk of 3 hours, we reached to a place called “Baluwa“. We were hoping to get a bus to 12Kilo but there were no vehicles. Again we have to continue our walking journey. Luckily we saw a truck coming behind us after 15-minute walk from Baluwa. We asked for a lift up to 12 Kilo, the driver of the truck drove us to 12 Kilo. We all had a smile on our tired face as we got a vehicle after a long distance walk. The ride up to 12 kilo was hard but there is a saying that “everything happens for a good reason”. I don’t know how long we have to walk if we didn’t catch the truck. But luckily we got a ride to 12kilo. Later, we took the local bus and returned home happily.

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