Beautiful Video of Everest Base Camp Himalayas Nepal

As I was checking my email this morning, I saw one email from my contact form, as it was a video of Everest Base Camp Himalayas of Nepal and going viral with around 5000 view per day, I contacted the person back who have filmed this video. So here are some description and his vacation about this video.

Everest Base Camp Nepal

This video was filmed by Guido a South American lad when he visited Nepal during the first weeks of April in the EBC (Everest Base Camp) trek, 85% of the video is in Nepal and some shots from Bhutan and Middle East too, and all the shots where Guido singing “Counting Stars” from OneRepublic (American band) are exclusively from the Everest Base Camp trek (EBC). It’s an innovative idea that he made this video by singing and a great editing. He got to the EBC 40 hours before the tragic avalanche, a very very sad disaster. It shocked him more than he thought it could.

Guido wrote on email:

The most important thing Nepal showed me is the quality of its people. It is difficult to find in the world a country were its population look for each other and doesn´t leave anyone behind as Nepali people do. Is amazing. Everyone has a smile and a hand to help. This, is by far, the most important asset of the country, as the people are the ones that shapes it. Congratulations for your wonderful country! Namaste!

We want to thank Guido for capturing such a precious beauty from gorgeous land of himalayas of Nepal.

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