Apple iPhone 4.0

Steve Jobs introduced most awaited apple’s latest iPhone 4.0 in World Wide Developer Conference yesterday. WWDC had 5,200 attendees from over 57 countries.The phone will be launched on June 24th.

iPhone 4.0  has multitasking features with an improved camera, video recording and editing capabilities, video calling, and more.

Features of iPhone 4.0

FaceTime: Facetime makes video calling more easier. Users can see their family and friends while talking. To make video calling easier Apple has developed  camera on both side of phone and in this new Phone back camera comes with led power and 5x zoom.

Retina Display: With a remarkable 960-by-640 resolution in 3.5 inch screen, text and graphics look unbelievably crisp and sharp.

Multitasking: Users can use multiple apps at the same time, without sacrificing performance or battery life.

HD Video Recording: iPhone 4.0 lets you record and edit stunning HD video.

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