Apple’s Latest Patent: Drop Protection Mechanism for iphone

iphone-4-whiteApple’s patent spree continues with the latest filing of patent for drop protection mechanism in the iPhone. The patent describes advanced mechanisms such as “mass shifting” and “thrust” to slowdown the fall and reduce the impact on the iPhone surface. Other protection technology includes “contracting buttons” to prevent them from damage and a “gripping” mechanism so that the iPhone  holds on to the headphone cable  if it  drops. Other protection systems mentioned in the patent include a technology that  would collect and store information about the drop of the iPhone. This data would then be used by Apple to decide how the device falls which would be useful to design a sturdier product. If you are interested to read the entire patent filing you can do so here at US Patent and Trademark Office’s website: Patent for Protection Mechanism

Here are some images of the protection technology mentioned in the patent:

apple drop patent

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