What is feedburner and how it works.

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 16.21.27Feedburner is a very gratifying service by Google Inc since from 9 years. This is a email service which deliver website rss content via email to subscribers inbox and it’s a free service. It is originally founded by Dick Costolo, Eric Lunt, Steve Olechowski, and Matt Shobe in University of Michigan. Later in Jun 2007, internet giant google acquired feedburner for $100 million (rumoured).

Feedburner help blogger to grow their audience by sending email to verified subscriber whenever there is new blog post.

Here how you can sign-up for feedburner and make it work on your any websites and blogs.

  • Go to http://feedburner.google.com
  • Signup with your google account or crate new one.
  • After you sign in you need to set up feedburner to work using you blog or website address or feed address
  • From publicize  tab choose email subscription, right there you can see the widget code to use on you website or blog. It is a email subscription form for you rss, user can enter their email address and subscribe. Feedburner will send notification (verification link) to that email to conform subscription. After that every verified subscriber will get your new article and blog post via rss feedburner email, awesome.
  • That’s it. Simple!

Now here come, after you install or use wedget code to you website and blog, interested audiences can subscribe. What you should keep in mind that each subscriber may not verify or forgot to conform subscription conformation link sent by feedburner, by this you can lose potential audiences. So keep following them by sending sweet message to verify the subscription.

You can see email id of subscribers from Analyze tab -> subscription(left) -> feedburner email subscriptions -> Manage Your Email Subscriber List. Here you will see Active and Unverified email id(subscribers). So remind unverified subscribers with message.

Till date I have around 35k+ verified subscribers and 12K+ unverified email id’s. As for me this is immense difference in active and unverified emails because of not following unverified one. Hope you’ll not do mistake as mine.


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