Google AdSense: Western Union Declined 5% Of Payments This Month

Adsense error Nepal
Western Union Declines 5% Of Google AdSense Payments This Month Including Nepal

Google recently changes to its new payment update, but there is a problem in its one form of payment through Western Union. For me it says You have no valid forms of payment.

The payment we sent for your AdSense earnings via Western Union on Oct 22, 2012 was unsuccessful.
Your bank or credit instititution provided the following reason: No reason provided by your financial institution. Please verify that your payment settings are correct and contact your payment provider to ensure any issues are resolved. Then click”Re-enable” on the payment settings page so that we can try again.

Instruction provided solve my problem in payment, though there is a problem for few others.
About 5% of those payments were accidentally declined.
Google announced this in their Google AdSense Help forum saying:

adsense western unionWe’re expanding the number of Western Union payments that we’re sending through our new payments system this month, primarily to publishers in the Asia-Pacific region. A small number (~5%) of the payments we sent to publishers in the following countries were incorrectly declined by Western Union and need to be re-issued. No action is required on your part. We are working with Western Union to complete the configuration changes and will automatically reissue the payments. We expect to complete this in the next 24 hours.

Affected countries:
Saudi Arabia
South Korea
Thanks for your patience, and we’re working to resolve this quickly.

According to AdSense most of Asian countries including Nepal are affected though it’s only 5%.

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