Tips for Better Battery Life in Smartphones and Tablets

No matter how brilliant or feature packed your phone is, you’ll need sufficient juice to keep the phone running. It’ll work perfectly as a paper-weight in case the batteries die out. Although the smartphones today are growing more and more power hungry, there is one trend that we need to worry about- manufacturers are opting for non-removable batteries. So carrying a spare battery while on the run may not work out for everyone out there. So why not learn about a few simple ways that can help you take better care of your phone’s battery life.

Tips for Better Battery Life in Smartphones and Tablets

Cooler the better

As temperature increases, the self discharge rate of the batteries increase as well. So, it is a good idea to keep your phone in a cooler place while you are not using it. Avoid placing the phone in direct sunlight or near heat sources and if possible place it on the table instead of suffocating it in your pocket. If you are storing batteries for a long time, then it is again a good idea to charge it fully and store it in a cool place.

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Check that screen brightness

Your phone’s screen probably tops the chart for sucking all that juice out of your battery. Check your screen brightness. If it is set at maximum brightness then turn it to auto-brightness. The phone will auto-calibrate the brightness of the screen depending on the brightness of the surrounding. Alternatively, to save even more of the battery life, turn it all the way down to minimum brightness. The brightness will be enough while you are indoors but you’ll need to readjust it while moving outdoors.

Freeze those bloatwares

Device manufacturers tend to install bloatware in the devices which we really do not use. They just use up memory and can even work in the background thus slowly eating up the battery. You can avoid this by either freezing them or completely removing these bloatwares from your device. But this will involve rooting your device and using apps like Titanium Backup (my personal favourite).

Turn off the unused radios

Turn off radios like WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS whenever you do not need it. All of them love battery juices so it help to turn the unused ones off.

Turn off LED Notifications

While LED notifications are useful most of the times, I have noticed that LED notifications seem to adversely affect the battery life. There have been instances when I leave my phone unattended for a few hour and the notification LED has seriously drained the battery. So, I suggest turning the LED notifications off wherever possible. Apps like Facebook Messenger, Email services and many others make use of the LED notifications and also allow you to turn it off.

Do you need that haptic feedback?

Do you need to feel your phone vibrate every time you type in your phone or press any other buttons? These vibrations do suck up a lot of your battery life in the long run. So, if you are really looking to conserve your battery, you can turn it off.

These were few of the tips to achieve a better battery life. Apart from these, you can also find apps in the Play Store or the App Store for all the platform (Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry or any other) which  help to improve the battery life by killing unwanted apps or using the optimum settings. You can have a look around. Also, it is important to keep in mind that batteries have a lifecycle and they tend to degrade with time. So, there will come a time when you’ll need to replace your battery to get a better battery life.

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