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window-7Window 7  pricing made public

$319.99 for Windows 7 Ultimate,

$299.9 for Professional and

$199.99 for Home Premium.


fossWhat’s the FOSS about?

The inaugural issue of the international Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Law Review launched recently. It will be a forum for discussions on issues regarding best practices in open source and FOSS implementation.


We want Firefoxfirefoxas

That’s what employees from the US state department told Hillary Clinton. The browser is apparently        approved by the entire intelligence community.



Hotmail and other Live services to have 500 GB of space.



Kingstone launches a 256GB pen drive in Europe.



Ubisoft to develop game for Facebook.



MSI to add and feature to boards that allow it automatically overclock on a press of a button.


A disc ISO of Google’s operating system Android is available for download.



AMD’s 785G chipset uses the DirectX 10.1 supported Radeon 4200 GPU.


FreeDOS turned 15 this June.



Terre Star launches the first satellite Windows Mobile phone.



Overclockers push the Phenom II 955 beyond 7GHz.



Gmail finally went out of beta after five years.


Copper makes for the ideal component when designing heatsinks. Unfortunately it’s prone to corrosion especially in contact with moisture.


window-7-usb-pendriveWindows 7 on USB drives?

While there is no official word yet, there are rumours flying around that Microsoft will offer Windows 7 on USB drives, as many netbooks do not have optical drives.


usb3.0USB 3.0 starts shipping

lucidPort has started shipping ports for the new standare, USB 3.0, called USB300. The port offers ten times the speed of USB 2.0


small usb pendriveSuper Talent Picox

Buffalo, one of the leading momory solution companies, has released 5mm long USB drives, which  still manage to pack in 16GB of memory – housed in the plug itself.


irony usbIronKey Protection

IronKey offers military gade protection on its USB drives to consumers. It has released a new series of USB drives, in the $200 range, which use a technology known as cryptochip to secure the data.


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