Social Bookmark Exchanges Increase Traffic

Almost every informed webmaster, SEO expert, online marketer and website promoter is aware of social bookmarking and its benefits to increase traffic multiple times. Social bookmarking is considered a web 2.0 promotion and marketing technique which has SEO benefits as well. Planned and carefully executed social bookmarking campaigns can increase brand awareness, readership, membership and can result in a constant source of daily traffic flow. Sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Slashdot, Propeller etc. have grown over years and are hugely popular now.

Why Exchange Social Bookmarks?

However, natural social bookmarking is slower and depends upon the mood of the social bookmarkers whether they’d make your story popular or not. Sometimes, planned social bookmark campaigns can give the extra push needed from where they gain attention, get featured and attain much popularity quickly, bringing huge traffic almost regularly for months! Thus the need for mutual social vote exchanges have come into picture, where social bookmarkers trade votes among themselves and proves to be mutually benefiting.

Is Exchanging Social Bookmarks Legal?

It should be noted that illegal use of social networking (manipulation or vote rigging) is forbidden in general sense. But if social bookmarks exchanges are for legitimate, interesting and helpful resource websites, the entire online community is benefited. Use it wisely! Don’t exchange votes for spammy, trash, illegal and junk sites or stories.

Social Bookmark Exchange Services

Now, I’m coming to a few social bookmark exchange services which are fully or party automated. I’m including invites for these services. Feel free to join and exchange bookmarks! If invitation is expired, ask me for more!

Piqq US : Formerly DiggBoss, this website is invite only. Here you can stumble exchange, digg exchange and exchange propeller votes. You earn points for bookmarking given assignments and run your own campaigns using those points to get your own sites voted.

StumbleUdon : This service is also invite only and allows automated stumbleupon bookmark exchange. You have to supply your stumbleupon login and password for thesystem to automatically stumble other’s sites and you earn points. Run your own campaigns spending your points to gain more traffic automatically.

PIQQ US Invites

StumbleUdon Invites
StubmleUdon is closed temporarily!

Enjoy social bookmark exchanges and resulting regular traffic!


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