A Review on OnePlus 7 Pro & Price in Nepal

The new OnePlus 7 Pro has arrived in Nepal just a week ago and along with every one plus users expectations have been met. The phone is dubbed one of the fastest phones out there. This basically means, it has become a contender to the current flagship phone companies such as : Samsung, Xiaomi and other brands in Nepal. In the bloggers meet on June 9th , 2019, the attendees got a chance to use the phone hands on , the feel and all of its features with OnePlus 7 Pro price in Nepal. The phone itself, is aesthetically  pleasing. It is a 6.67 inches phone with a notch less display, it uses nearly the entire screen to give you that feel of a flagship phone. This also means that the phone has no Notch or teardrop camera. So where does the camera go ?, the front facing camera is a pop camera which has a motor embedded within it that allows the camera to pop up from where the headphone jack used to be. Below are a few key things to look into this new flagship phone:

OnePlus 7 Pro price Nepal

Key Features:

The One plus 7 and 7 Pro are the few phones out there that supports 5G Network, and there are only a few handful of these phones that support 5G too. A few names that support 5G are : Huawei Mate X , Samsung S10 5G, Motorola Z3, etc. And among these names also comes One Plus 7 and 7 pro.  This phone has a dual sim support. The body built of front and back glass , aluminum frame. The phone runs the OxygenOS 9.5.7 which is the latest OS from One plus itself. It has an Octa core CPU and run on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, this chipset has one of the best chipset currently in the Phones. The phone runs the new Adreno 640 as  its GPU. It doesnt come with a memory card slot , but with the memory variations it comes with , its highly unlikely that you would need a memory card. There are three main variations that the One Plus Seven will be coming in, the variations RAM/ROM are : 6GB/128GB, 8GB/256GB, 12GB/256GB. These variations will are all available in the dealership of OnePlus in Kathmandu. The USB port in this phone is the Type C USB which supports its Warp Charger, the battery is a non removable Li-Po 4000 mAh Battery. The phone says the battery will last the entire day with only 20 mins of charging on the Warp charger. The company also says that the Warp charger has been improved since the last time and it is better and charges even faster than before. The speakers in this phone is a Stereo speakers, with active noise cancellation and dedicated mic Dolby Atmos sound. Though comparing it to a few other phones speakers the consensus is that the speakers arent upto par to the other phones speakers that it has been compared to , which is a down side for the phone.   The phone has Fingerprint sensor as well as Face recognition , the fingerprint sensor has been improved and unlocks instantaneously, while the face recognition is also one of the fastest out there. The color variations that you can get this phones in are : Nebula Blue, Mirror Grey and Almond.


The phone comes with a Fluid AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and supports upto 16M colors, the screen size is 6.67 inches , and the screen to body ratio is 88.1%, the screen resolution is 1440 x 3120 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio (516 ppi density). The screen protection is the latest, Corning Gorilla glass, with a screen which has 90 Hz refresh the gaming experience is also bound to be a very fluid one in this phone. As it is an OLED screen , the color contrast in this screen is top notch and you can feel every color pop without the feeling of seeing pixels in the screen itself. Its plus point in the display is that the screen is OLED and the color contrast is nearly as good as you are seeing with your own eyes, even when the image is being shown in the screen itself.

Gaming Mode/ Fnatic Mode:

This mode is for the people who love to game on their phones, yes to the people who play PUBG, Mobile Legends and other games on the phone itself, the feeling of getting pop ups amidst an intense game is infuriating but no more, in the new One Plus Seven and Seven pro , the Fnatic Mode or the Gaming mode, dulls out all the notifications while you are gaming. This leads to you getting to immerse yourself  completely into the game you so love. And as per nearly every phone that allows gaming, theres always the notion of heating problems , but in the One plus Seven and Seven Pro series , with its ten layer cooling system, the phone stays relatively cool even during intense gaming sessions and makes your gaming experience fun and enjoyable.


The new One Plus seven pro comes with triple rear camera , 48MP for Wide angle, 8MP for telephoto, and 16 MP for Ultra wide angle photo capture. The image quality doesnt diminish , the picture quality hasnot been compromised with, which is a plus point as sometimes the ultra wide lens , tends to make the image have pixels rather than smooth textures. The front facing camera is a 16MP camera that pop-ups from the place where the initial headphone jack used to be , this camera is a motorized camera and only pop ups when you use the front facing camera, the camera has a fall protection mechanism , meaning as soon as the phone goes to free fall, the camera goes inside at once, this is to prevent any damage to the front facing camera. One plus says, “The front facing camera has 6.5 years of lifetime of usage even after using the front facing camera more than 50 times in a single day. “, this is a bold statement they made and any later on problems with the front facing camera can cause controversies that may lead to the plummeting of the entire mobile’s sales.

oneplus 7 pro 42mp camera

Night Mode:

Night mode is basically what you would called dark theme, this makes the emission of light from the screen to lessen when theres less light available, it cuts out the harmful blue rays that may effect the eye in long term , but this Night mode can also be used along with the camera , as the screen tends to give a clear image of whats in front even when the light that is coming is very low.

OnePlus 7 Pro Price in Nepal

This flagship OnePlus 7 Pro comes in three variants in terms of RAM/ROM and their price as follows:

  • 6GB/128GB: Rs 89,900.00
  • 8GB/256GB: Rs 99,900.00
  • 12GB/256GB: Rs 109,000.00

So, on an ending note, with the above specifications and the price listed, is this phone worth buying, the answer would be controversial and would vary according to people to people, but most of the people would agree that with all that specifications and the price being fixed and so high, the phone in itself is not worth buying, because, if you were to spend this much money , you could possibly get yourself a better phone with more specifications than this, not to mention, the above prices are not negotiable, that makes it even more inflexible, As much as the hype of this phone is out there , the price range is not meant for the normal users of Nepal, as many people would buy a phone between the range of 30-50 k Rupees, rather than spending , nearly 90k – 1.1 lac rupees on a flagship phone.

Though theres another news that the older generation of this very brand may have its price decreased, so, stay updated in there social media about all the new and upcoming news on One plus.


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