Our Christmas

Christmas, as most of us know, is the day that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.  It is a time when Santa, the human resource manager in the Children’s department, rewards Children based on his assessment of their behavior in the past year.  Parents become kids once again as they sit with their children to watch the Christmas specials and they make scrumptious dinner for the family . Houses and streets are decorated with lights and Christmas trees bringing warmth to every onlooker.  The ambiance thus created is heavenly.

However, the significance of this day lies not just in its holiness . Christmas  is celebrated all over the world by all groups of people regardless of their age, race, cast, creed and nationality. This day  is an opportunity to be grateful for what you have, spend time with people who really matter and also to make friends.  In the end, like many festivals, its all about sharing the love and making this world a peaceful, harmonious and joyful place to live.

Have an awesomely  Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New year.

merry-christmas   Merry-Christmas

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