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nepali calendar
Nepali Calendar

Finally Nepali Calendar v2.5 is now completed. This online nepali calendar can display any nepali month calendar from 1970 B.S to 2100 B.S in both Nepali and English dates on it.

I have included some features in calender, Events in any dates can be seen by hovering mouse on it, Public holiday is marked by red font, current date is highlighted by mild black shadow background, Events on the day can be seen on end of calendar, Famous people birthday are displayed in the end of calendar.

If you have webpage then you can have this nepali calendar on your page. You can put this in wordpress sidebar as plugin too.

I have done lots of test and trial and value are directly taken from date and time function so, I’m confident that the result calendar is accurate.

Thank you everyone who suggest and inspired me to make this calendar.

You can use this calendar as plugin or widget on your website please follow link below.


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