Ncell App Camp competitors trained on idea pitching

Ncell organized a training today on ‘idea pitching and presentation’ to facilitate the competing 150 teams of Ncell App Camp in preparing for the final selection where the selected teams will be pitching ideas and present prototypes of their apps.

Around a dozen randomly selected teams presented their ideas as a part of an exercise during the training program. Helping the teams sharpen their presentation skills for the final selection and attract potential investors in future, Sohan Babu Khatri, CEO of Three H Management Pvt. Ltd.  suggested the participants to think of the best ways to grab the attention of the audience while pitching.

Ncell App Camp

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“Focus on your idea, not on yourself, and talk as if your life is at stake,” said Khatri encouraging the teams to be confident and initiate pitches in impressing ways. “Make sure that you are fully convinced with your idea. Or else, even if you are the best presenter, your idea will not sell in the market,” Khatri advised the participants to be pragmatic.

“Make sure your ideas are executable and deliverable,” said Khatri. “Don’t only revolve around what you are going to do. Also tell, it is possible.”

Introducing the best possible structures for the pitches, Khatri suggested the participants to be concise to fit into the provided time frame. Meanwhile, participating teams working under each category – tourism, education, agriculture and corporate solutions – practised pitching their app ideas within the given time duration i.e. three minutes, five seconds and three seconds. The presenters also defended several questions put forth by their competitor teams.

The teams are currently working on app development and business model to place them strategically in the market.

Following training on idea pitching, each team will submit a prototype of their final app by December 1. From among the 150 teams, 24 teams –  six from each category; agriculture, tourism, education and corporate solutions – will be selected to compete further. Those selected teams will present their final product and pitch their refined ideas in the final phase of the competition, scheduled through December 9-11.

The winners of each categories will receive Rs 250,000 and the overall winner will receive additional Rs 500,000 and a chance to represent Nepal in the International Application Conference in 2015.

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