Journey of two brave Nepalese: From top of Everest to Indian Ocean

We cannot disagree the fact that Adventure is what brings colours to life. “Without adventure, we can’t feel the real life”, says Sano Babu Sunar, the brave Nepali who started his journey by climbing Everest, the top of the world with his companion, Lhakpa Chhiri Sherpa. The duo, without any permits/ money or previous experience, climbed to the roof of the world first (8,848 metres), paraglided all the way down from there, and then kayaked down to the bottom (0 metres) in the Indian Ocean, where their journey ended.


The journey, which happened in 2011 (which is pretty old as a news now), took 28 days and eventually made them the National Geographic’s 2012 People’s Choice Adventurers of the Year by overwhelming number of votes.

Their journey was covered by ABC News, and was featured in the Nightline series, in December, 2013.

Watch the summary of their wonderful, adventurous, exciting and mind-blowing journey, in the video:

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