iPhone 4G- features and concept

Some interesting things came about when Apple introduced their iPhone 4G with operating system 4.0. It was immediately hacked and it also immediately gave users a few nice updates that other smartphones owners were already enjoying. Here is the lowdown on the upcoming iPhone 4G update to the iPhone.

The Apple iPhone 4G (4.0) system was revealed to the world of developers, but not to the general public. It will have many of the things that Apple has in common with Nokia or Android units. The biggest thing that is coming to many of the iPhones is the ability to do multi-tasking. This means you will be able to do more than one thing on your iPhone. This will only be available on 3GS and newer models of the iPod touch. If you have been disappointed to hear news of multi-tasking abilities for the iPhone in times past, this event seems to be the real thing. To access this ability, double-tap the home button.

Another new iPhone 4G (4.0) ability applies to email. You will be able to read them in threaded ( or “nested” ) view. The email is further enhanced by being able to view attachments created in applications. If you like, all email can be routed to one place where you can read them all in one place. If not, you can switch between inboxes quicker than you use to, thanks to this new Apple 4.0 system.

If you are an avid book-reader, the new iPhone 4G (4.0) system has something new called “iBooks”. This is also on the iPad, but it is bigger on the screen. The view of the application is similar to a bookcase, with “iBooks” being availble to be pulled from the digital “shelf”. This will have the ability to synchronize with other devices. The Kindle is just one of those devices that you will be able to do this with.

Games ! The new Apple 4.0 system has a game system that resembles the Microsoft “Xbox” system. It includes matches, leader boards and achievements. The 4.0 system can add folders to the home screen. To do this, simply drag an icon onto another icon, and a square will appear with the chosen apps in it. To take it out of the folder, drag it back to the home screen.

A quirky phenomenon of iPhone 4G (4.0) is the ability to change the background. If basic black is just not your idea of an impressive background, you will be able to do something about it now. The kicker is that you will not be able to go back to the default black background once you change. The restrictions on these Apple iPhones are rather strange.

It was mentioned above that this newest version of the iPhone software has already been cracked. If you do not like all the restrictions that Apple has placed on you, you do not have to take it. The 4.0 system was “jailbroken” a few days ago. News and other jailbreaks are abounding on the internet.

While the 4.0 version is viewable now by developers to prepare it for public consumption, the shortage of apps available for it may be an impediment to its success. Apple created the “iAd” for this new system, saying it is the opportunity where delivering ads exist. Whether or not this will come to a fruition is yet to be seen. This system should be availbe on the iPod touch as well. Look for it in the Summer.

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