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short articlewrite short articles quickly

When you are at University, college or even if you’re a freelancer writer there are multiple types of work which you could be asked to complete. With essays and dissertations being prime examples of such, you might also be involved with a student publication which asks you to compose short articles relatively quickly. If your profession is as a freelance writer, creating short articles might be what you complete on a daily basis. No matter what the reason is, knowing how to do this in a relatively short amount of time could prove to be problematic especially if several different articles are due to be completed in very quick succession. If you find yourself in this situation, there is no need to worry because listed below are a few ideas about how to go about this.

Know your subject

As you would have been given your brief or handed title suggestions to your superior long before you start to compose it, you will know a fair idea about what is expected of your article. Therefore, it is recommended that the subject matter which will be the focus of what is about to be written should be kept in mind at all times so that the minimal word count which has been assigned to you is straight to the point with not a single word wasted. The person or countless number of people who are reading it will want to know exactly what you have to say about the subject matter. If you include unnecessary information which is not at all relevant to what the title of the article promises to offer, the reader will lose interest and, thus, your efforts not having the impact which was expected.

Do not procrastinate

When you are working on your laptop or computer, there are many websites which could distract you. The same can be said about if family members or friends start to speak to you. If this happens, if often results in you losing your train of thought. Also, the energy which you had when sitting down to compose the article could be lost especially if you watch a video on YouTube. The time which you have been designed could be minimal and this is why any allocated period needs to be properly scheduled so none of it is wasted. Although writing a few hundred words in a couple of hours might seem less appealing when compared to watching a television programme that you have recorded, your duties need to be completed and doing something else other than writing will not get rid of this situation. Best of all, as soon as you have finished your work that television programme can be viewed.


There is a tendency for some writers to submit their article once it has been completed without them actually checking it over. Although the short amount of time which you have been designated is not preferable, if the article is returned to you because it is of poor quality this could result in your deadline being passed or even it being rejected altogether. Performing a basic spell check often results in the quality of the article being improved and this only takes a few seconds to complete.

Listen to music

This might seem an odd suggestion especially as it was mentioned earlier that procrastination is not recommended but listening to music has been known to help many writers work to deadlines. Maybe the latest garage or house tunes might not be desirable at all but classical music has a calming effect when composing work. It is surprising to read about how many writers have created excellent short articles when listening to Mozart, Beethoven and Sibelius. Writing in silence is an odd idea to many. If they have music playing this often means that they can focus on completing the job in hand, rather than being distracted by a random sound that is created by the environment which they are in.

Stay hydrated

Helping to stimulate the body can be difficult especially when several short articles need to be composed in a relatively short amount of time. Having a drink nearby so that the thought of thirst does not distract you is highly recommended. Whether you choose a hot or cold beverage, there is a very strong chance that the article could be completed within an even shorter period of time than originally planned.

So, the next time that you are composing short articles why not apply some or maybe all of these tips to your work routine? You might find that you’ll be amazed with the final outcome.

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