How to add Feedburner email subscription box to your blog website

Feedburner Email Subscription option for your website like WordPress or blogger blog definitely increases the readership with your website or blog and you will get more visitors/users.
Now To add a Feedburner Email Subscription box form to your website or blog follow these steps-

1) Login to to your Feedburner Account.

2) Click on the Title of your Blog RSS feed.

3) Then Click on Publicize tab and look for Email Subscriptions option on left sidebar.

4) Click on Email Subscriptions and Activate this service by clicking on Activate button at the bottom.

5) After Activating, Copy the whole code present in the Subscription Form Code. It will be similar to the code given below.

6) Paste this code on your website or a blog where you want to show the Email Subscription form. If you are using TypePad or Blogger based blogs then you can easily add the subscription box to your Blog website by using the Use As A Widget option selection field.

Now your readers will receive each and every blog post of your WordPress or Blogspot blog directly on their email. In WordPress, you can add the Email Subscription form using the Widgets option in the Admin Area.

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