How and Where to Use Keywords

Don’t try to use all of your keywords on the home page – rather focus only on your Primary Keyword Phrase and your best Secondary keyword. Use your products or service pages to focus on the more specifiec keyword.

You will likely want to use the plural from of your keywords. However, you need to verify this using Keyworddiscovery or Wordtracker (keyword find, suggest website)  as sometimes the singular form of a word is searched on more often.

Google treats hyphenated words as two words: “house-plans” is the same as “house plans” on Google. However, works connected by an underscore or slash, such as”house_plans” and “house/plans” are treated as a single word “houseplans” currently.

google is not case-sensitive, so HOUSE PLANS, House Plans, house plans,and HoUsE pLaNs are all treated the same.

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