Font-astic: Ananda K. Maharjan’s Designs

Nepali keyboard layout by Ananda K Maharjan
Nepali keyboard layout by Ananda K Maharjan

If your work is your passion, you are sure to succeed: Not sure who said it (heard it a from a hell lot of sources), but said it true. Well, in case of Graphics designing, as it is also one of the top professions and is in growing phase in Nepal, there are a handful of people who are dedicated. Ananda K. Maharjan is a name which stands high in the field of Graphics designing, and especially while the topic comes to fonts, in Nepal. Practicing digital graphics since decades, he mainly creates unique and outstanding Devnagari fonts, which are the fonts used in written script of many languages under the Indo-European language group- Nepali and Hindi being the main of them.

Some of his design showcase:

You may have seen the animated pictures of Dashain (which showed tika, jamara and dakshina in ‘nanglo’, a flat bamboo basket, and even the images of children flying kites and happy Dashain messages) all over Facebook. You may have seen the images of small poem fractions written in attractive and nice Devnagari scripts in the social Medias. Forget these, you may have definitely seen the official banner of ‘Talakjung Vs. Tulke’, where the name of the movie is written in Nepali. Yes, that’s the point, these all are created by Mr. Maharjan, and give some great examples of his creativity. There are countless contributions by him which are not possible to mention here, which are free and used by all (at least by the Nepalese, or who are somehow related to Nepal). 

Mr. Maharjan’s font-astic designs are the reason for him to be covered in Movers and Shakers by the Kathmandu Post, get interviewed exclusively by Republica and Desicreative, and Portrayed in Portrait of an Artist. You can visit Ananda K. Maharjan’s official website to know more about him or his works and contributions in the field of Nepali Font and Graphics designing. You can also like his official Facebook page, or visit his blog where he posts all his creations. 

Some advice from Ananda K. Maharjan for people interested in designing:

Ananda K Maharjan
Ananda K Maharjan : src Devianart

Take time to complete personal projects. Projects from clients may not always be exciting, so you should also do what you find interesting. Join online design communities like Behance or Dribbble to create and showcase your personal works. Don’t try to develop too many styles at once. Stay up-to-date with the current design trends; keep on learning and practicing. If you want, you can learn calligraphy and font designing at the workshops that we will soon be organising.

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