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game studios logoAre you one of the tech enthusiasts who is working to build a career in the field? If so, whoever you are, and whatever your field of study is (which in case may be Computer Engineering, IT, CSIT, or anything to app or game building) you  might want to be a programmer, or to be precise, a developer. It is the fact that programming is one of the best carriers as of now. Especially in Nepal, where the games and apps development is building a milestone of itself, the scope of the developers is like a hot cake as there is a shortage of mobile developers in the market.

For a long time, if you want to be a developer so bad, you have been wandering around, to learn from the basics, or just to boost up your knowledge and skill. Might be you have gone to a couple of institutes in the past, or not so, but are not getting any ideas on where and how to learn or power up, and become a real developer, a professional one. If so, your search ends now. For the solution of learning process for the wanna-be developers’ enthusiasm, GAME Studios is here.

What is GAME Studios?

Rajan Maharjan
Rajan Maharjan, Co-founder of GAME Studios

GAME Studios, the short form for Games and Apps for Mobile Education Studios, located in Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu is a new institute, founded by Rajan Maharjan which is established merely for the professional growth of the potential developers of Nepal. If you have completed your college already, you may have realized that College courses can’t prepare you to fulfill demand of for future technology due to rapidly changing technology. GAME Studios fills the gap between the Academic and Professional performance of the programmers, or makes you a professional programmer from the starting point. GAME Studios offers courses for iOS and Android. See more:

Why to choose GAME Studios?

As already said, GAME Studios makes you a professional developer, if you are just an academic, or not even anything. You can learn almost everything related to mobile development here, with some serious learning skills. However, some of the benefits (among many more) for you to choose GAME Studios can be summarized as:

  • No such training institute yet present in Nepal who offers both App and Game Development Courses.
  • They take training courses as step, in order to fulfill the market demand of mobile developers.
  • Established by professional / well known senior iOS and Android Developers.
  • Supported by GDG.
  • They offer series of courses, depending upon your need and desire.

In overall, if you want to be a developer, especially in the mobile platforms, you can blindly choose GAME Studios. You can view their courses in


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