WordPress: First Timer’s FAQs

Here is a small list of solutions  that many of you first time bloggers will find useful:

1. Adding Facebook like on post

  •  Go to Plugins–>Add new –>in the search bar type “facebook like”–>Select and install a facebook like plugin and then activate.

Furthermore you can to settings and change the settings of your plugins to your preference.

2. How  to limit blog posts on the home page?

  •     go to settings->readings->set the max blog pages  to show on homepage

3. Adding page numbers to posts

  • In our post edit switch to HTML mode and then simply paste this code: where you want the break to occur. The page number will be displayed in the following format Page 1 2 3
  • For details on more styles go here – page numbers

4. Adding read more:

  • Type “Read more” and then highlight it and Enter Att+shift+T where you want the break to occur

5. To write Copyright information at the end of webpage:

  • From the admin dashboard go to Appearances–>Editor
  • On the far right under Templates, Select Footer
  • Now in the box containing the html codes, at the bottom before </footer> enter the following code:

Copyright ©

<!--?php $the_year = date("Y"); echo $the_year; ?-->
<!--?php bloginfo(' Name'); ?-->

. All Rights Reserved.

You should get something like this: Copyright © 2013Name. All Rights Reserved

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