View Saved Passwords in Microsoft Edge

Many of you may be pretty much amazed to know that you can view saved passwords in Microsoft Edge. Yes, Microsoft Edge has this feature or let’s say the option that helps the user view their saved passwords. Many people save the password for different website so that they don’t have to enter the password again and again but what if you forgot the password. Just chill, here I will show you how to View Saved Passwords in Microsoft Edge. So, let’s start.

Make Microsoft Edge Offer to Save Password

When you login to any account, Microsoft Edge ask –Would you like to save your password for your account and if you click “Yes” then the password will be stored/saved in your PC and you can login whenever you want.ask save password If Microsoft doesn’t ask you to save your password while logging-in then, the option must be turned off. To enable this, click on More option (three dots at the top right side of the browser) and then click “Settings”. After that scroll down and click on “View advanced settings”. Now go to “Privacy and Services” under which you can find many option and click “Offer to save passwords”. This way Microsoft Edge will ask your password to save every time you log-in to different account.

Microsoft Edge setting screenshot
Screenshot of Settings, Advanced Settings and Offer to Save Passwords

Microsoft Credential Manager

Credential Manager
Credential Manager

You can find Microsoft Credential  Manger  under the control panel that saves Web Credentials and Windows Credentials.

Web Credentials saves your web credential details like username, password, website address (URL) to which an info has been saved for.
Windows credential stores your system credentials like administrator account details, internet or WiFi details etc. You can Back up Credentials or Restore Credentials and can even add credentials related to others activities and save it.

Steps to View Saved Passwords in Microsoft Edge:

First you need to know that all your details like username, password are stored in Web credential Manager. From here only you can see your password.
For that, Go to Control panel and click “User Accounts” (To go to control panel there are two ways- 1. Press Window key + R then type “Control panel” and enter, 2. Go to Start/window then type Control Panel.

After that click on “Credential Manager” and then select “Web Credentials”. There you can see all your saved info like passwords and usernames. You can see which password belongs to which account by looking at the Website address (URL) but it is sort of hidden. You just need to click on down arrow that is besides your website URL and you can view all the details of that particular account.

View Saved Passwords
Screenshot of Account Information

There you can see your password as *******, but you can view them by clicking on “Show”. The moment you click on “Show” a dialogue box will appear and you will be asked for your computer user account (Administrator) password in order to verify ownership. Just provide the info and view the saved password. Actually, this prevent from unauthorized users as they can view the saved info like passwords.Enter PasswordAfter viewing, you can hide the password by clicking on “hide” which will easily hide all the credentials and it will go back to the way it was before viewing the password. If you think it is not necessary for you to save your password then you can easily remove it. Just click on the “Remove” option that you can see below the “Show” option. It will remove all the saved credentials from your PC.

[quote bcolor=”gray”]I recommend you to save the password only if you are single user of the PC. [/quote]

Alternative Method:

There is another method if you think the above mentioned method is a bit long and complicated. This method helps you to make changes in your saved credentials and even you can delete the saved credentials but the only thing that you can’t do is view the saved password.
Simply follow the given steps:

  • Go to Settings (You can find the settings option by clicking on three dots that you can see on the top right side of the browser)
  • Scroll down and click on View advanced settings
  • Now, Find Manage my saved passwords and click on it.
  • You will see all your saved credentials.
  • Just select the account which you want to make changes or delete.

So, these are the methods that will help you to know the passwords, manage or make changes and even delete the saved credentials.

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