The DMOZ Directory: Get Your Site Listed – How to get your website listed in DMOZ

Finding the Right DMOZ Directory Category

The first step to a listing, is to check the various directory categories, and find the appropriate one for your site. As you can see, there are a lot of categories, and sub-categories, and sub-sub- categories. Be very thorough here, as submitting your site to the wrong category can result in very long waits, and possibly even rejection.

Don’t be afraid to spend a little time searching through the various options. I can’t stress this enough. You have to submit to the correct category for your site. One way to ensure you are in the right one, is to search through it. Look at the other sites listed there. If you don’t see any similar sites to yours, it’s time to check out another category. If you see some of your main competitors in that section, you will know you have found the right one. The time spent searching for the proper submission category will pay off for you. You are already well on your way.

Making Your DMOZ Directory Submission

When you have narrowed your target to the most appropriate category, go to it, and click on “add URL”. Be absolutely certain to read the instructions very carefully. They are not merely a suggestion. They are an absolute requirement.

Be sure to submit just your home page to only one category. Multiple page or category submissions will likely be treated as spam, and your site rejected. While there are occasional and exceptional sites and categories, that will accept your site more than once, they are rare. Don’t worry about it. It’s best to concentrate on one category, and get included, than attempt multiple submissions and find yourself rejected.

Avoid Automated Submission Software

Don’t even consider using any automated submission software for DMOZ submissions. Automated submissions are expressly against DMOZ policy. They will always be rejected. Continued use of automated submissions may get your site permanently banned from the directory. All category submissions must be done by hand!

Writing your website description

You will be asked to write a brief description of your website. This is not the place to be flowery and biased. Words like “best ever.” “greatest,” “finest site,” and so on, will be removed and your description rewritten. Be as objective as possible. Don’t fall for the temptation to pack your descriptions full of keywords. The editors will spot that transparent attempt at keyword stuffing immediately. If the editors think your description is too promotional, they will certainly change it on you. You can be sure of one thing: you probably won’t like their description. Your site may even be rejected entirely.

One way to be sure your site description will be accepted as written is to treat it objectively. Write your description the way an outsider would word it. Simply describe the content of the site and some features that benefit the user. A straightforward and honest description will find the most success. A good description is much less likely to be changed. Take your time here, as it will take a lot longer to get a bad description changed, than to write a good one from the start!

Completing Your DMOZ Directory Submission

Once you have found the proper category, and have written a good useful description, it’s time to submit your site. Before you press the Add URL button, make sure you have checked and double checked your submission for typos in the URL and description. A tiny error there could get your site removed from the lineup, or sent back to you for revision. That means a return to the back of the line too!

Be sure to write down the name of the category that received your submission. Take note of the category editor’s name and the date you submitted your site. You will need that information a lot later, if you have to check on the status of your site submission. The editors will expect it. If the category you submitted to has no editor listed, don’t despair. Your submission will still be examined by a more senior category editor


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