Reveal Saved Passwords in Text Instead of Dots in Web Browsers

view saved password web browserHave you ever tried to see saved passwords in your Web Browsers?  Well, some of you might be wondering, Is that possible? Yes, you can disclose the Saved Passwords in Text Instead of Dots in Web Browsers. If you save your login detail for any Website/account one time than from next time when you try to login, it will automatically generate your information that was saved. (i.e password when you enter username or email address). Every web browsers have option to view the passwords but it is sort of hidden so you may not have seen or use this option before. Here, I will show you how to Reveal Saved Passwords in Text Instead of Dots in Web Browsers which works perfectly fine in Google chrome, Safari.Mozilla Firefox &

How to Reveal Saved Passwords in Text Instead of Dots in Web Browsers:

There are two methods to view Saved Password of Web Browsers – Option located in the web browser to view password through settings, By using inspect elements. So, let’s try the first method that is quite simple.

1.   View Saved Passwords from Browser Settings:

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari have this features which enable you to see the saved password. This method is easy and it will just take few minutes for you do complete the task.

Simply follow the given steps to view saved password in Google Chrome:

  • Go to Settings (You can find the settings option by clicking on three horizontal lines that is located on the top right side of the browser)
  • Scroll down and click on Show advance settings
  • Now, Find Manage passwords and click on it.

Manage Password

  • You will see all your saved credentials.
  • Just select the account which password you want to see and click on show option.
  • A dialogue box will appear and you will be asked for your computer user account (Administrator) password. Just provide the info and view the saved password.

Administrative Password


Simply follow the given steps to view saved password in Mozilla Firefox:

In Mozilla Firefox, the process is little bit different. Just follow the given steps and you can easily view the saved password.

  • Type about:preferences#security in your URL/address bar and press Enter.
  • Go to security (You can find the security on left column)
  • Now, Click on Saved logins.

Saved Logins

  • In new windows, click on Show passwords.
  • Now, you can simply see the saved password.

Simply follow the given process to view saved password in Safari browser:

View saved password in Safari

The process to view saved password in Safari browser is much simpler. Just open Safari and then go to the Preferences with a ⌘ ,(Command-Comma) or in the Safari menu. Next Click on the Passwords tab at the top of the preferences window, which will show all the list of saved passwords for website that Safari has saved for you, along with the user name of that saved site. There is seperate column for password marked by doted. You  just need to click on that series of doted and enter the administrator password for your mac, this will show you the password for the saved user from that website.

This are the very easy way to view your Saved Passwords in Chrome, Mozilla & Safari web browser. So, let’s move to next method as I mentioned above. This method is quite amazing, which works for all the browser and I am sure that you will pretty much like it.

Reveal Passwords in Web Browsers by Inspecting Elements:

This is the second method that will help you know you saved passwords in Web Browsers perhaps we can also say it is a cool way to know the Saved Passwords. Actually, in this method we need to change the certain code through Inspect Elements which is kind of interesting to all of you who haven’t used or known it. So, let’s start. Just follow the steps carefully and remember don’t change anything other than the code show here, otherwise you may faced different problems.

  • First open the website/ account and enter the username so that it will automatically generate the password.
  • Now, go to the password box >> Right click and select Inspect (Chrome Browser)

Inspect element

  • You will get the next screen where you can see all the codes.
  • Also, you will get a line that should be selected automatically which looks like this-

<input type=”password” class=”inputtext” name=”pass” id=”pass” tabindex=”2″>

  • Now, change type=”password” to type =”text”. To do this, you need to double-click on that word.

Reveal Saved Passwords

  • Now, Close the inspect element screen and see the saved password.
  • Make sure you change type =”text” to type=”password” after seeing the Saved password as text instead of dots. Otherwise, next time when you enter the email ,the password will be shown in text instead of dots. New users may face problem, if you don’t change to normal mode as before.

Hope, you have learned something new and something interesting today. Try this method and know yourself that you can actually Reveal Saved Passwords in Text Instead of Dots in Web Browsers. Never misuse this otherwise you will be in big trouble.

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