Javascript Links

The use of links in javascript is usually to prevent search engine robots from spidering these links. Many search engine robots are not able to follow javascript links. This may mean that a link within javascript is not properly “seen” by the robots and therefore cannot be followed to your web site.

An example of a link in javascript:

<script language='JavaScript' type='text/javascript'>
document.write('<a hr'+'ef="ht'+'tp://w'+'ww.ash'+esh'+'">Ashesh's Blog</a>');

The above example will be displayed in javascript enabled web browsers as follows:
Ashesh’s Blog

Impact of links in javascript on link exchanges

As with the use of the meta tag “NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW”, a link within javascript is not completely useless. They would not count towards your web site’s link popularity, however visitors can still click on the link to visit your web site.
Detecting links in javascript

Links in javascript can be easily detected in the source code of web pages, however it may take some time and a little understanding of HTML and javascript. Using the example above, look for links within the tags.

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