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Last month Telecom Giant NCELL announced Free wikipedia. Now It has come up with a new jaw-dropping offer to it’s customers. With the tagline ‘NCELL Twitter Zero’, the offer is valid for all type of NCELL subscribers both pre-paid and pro type. With the offer valid from 27th of May, the customers can browse the micro-blogging site through their smartphones till the offer remains (three months from the offer starting date). There is no need of any activation for the usage of this offer, as stated by NCELL.

Sanju Koirala, corporate communication director of Ncell, in a statement said “Twitter Zero is our initiative to provide great value to our customers. It will empower our customers to express their thoughts and comment on others’ opinion, thereby bolstering their rights of freedom of expression”. Some days ago, the company had brought up an offer of free Wikipedia which is valid till now.

Ncell customers are able to send or read tweets, follow people and see other followers from Mobile phone and computer without data charges. However, the external links or external media whenever clicked on the site, will be chargeable according to the normal usage rate. Moreover, the free offer is only available in the main browser of the user’s smartphone, or the browsers which don’t use proxy, and certainly, the official twitter app available for smartphones too. Browsing through the browsers which use proxy, for example Opera Mini or BlackBerry mobiles’ browsers will be charged accordingly, and hence, the user need to remain alert which browser he’s using, and which links mentioned in the site are internal (the users will be prompted though, whenever they click in an external link). Though these circumstances remain due to some technical constraints, it is certainly an enlightening offer all those tweethearts out there! Let’s expect Facebook free from Ncell in upcoming days too.


On 26th August 2014 Ncell announced that they will extend the free browsing of popular micro blog social networking site twitter for another 90 days (till 23th Nov 2014).


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