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Lens for PhotographyThe obsession with images cannot be suppresses in any human soul. Pictures, that tell stories. Pictures that are more telling than any written word. Pictures that make you appreciate not only the content of it but the person who took it. But how does one attain that level where people appreciate not only the pictures but the photographer as well. Especially the level where at times the latter invites more appreciation.

Photography Nepal
Image of Mustang

Does having a nice camera enough for your art to flourish and get popularity? If not then what exactly are the requirements to take exceptional images that are worth sharing with the world. Here are few tips that photography experts suggest the newbies to adapt while voyaging on this arduous journey.

Choosing a Plain Background
This is supposed to be the fundamental thumb rule for the digital photographers. Do not clutter the photograph and keep it as simple as you can in terms of the background especially. This helps you focus on the subject more than anything else. Also, the onlooker doesn’t get distracted while assessing the photo.

Above photo by Dorothea Lange should serve as a fine example of what it means to have a simple background.

Different Camera Lens

In this advanced digital age, where there are tens of camera lenses available in the market around the world, it is important to use the right kind of lens. If you want to take simple picture with maximalist perfection then Prime Lens is your thing. And if you want to take too microscopic pictures then you might consider buying Macro lenses or Zoom lenses would do fine for you. The thing to note is if you’re an online shopping freak then you must be careful in choosing a lens with the required focal length because it is difficult to return them or change later on. Some online shopping communities in Nepal like Kaymu & estorenepal.com do have some lenient return policies, availing which one can have a different camera lens of choice.

Capturing a Moving Subject

This is a skill one acquires after years of experience. However, here is a crack to break this code at early stages. Using the panning technique, one can capture the subject in motion. Keep your finger on the shutter to lock the focus and click the moment your desired subject moves. However, make sure that the camera doesn’t shake.

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